How I Scored A Free Trip To Madrid With Tinder!

How I Scored A Free Trip To Madrid With Tinder!

My deactivated Tinder profile

After a few weeks of not having anyone to speak to I reactivated my Tinder account in the hopes of finding someone near by.

There was really nothing to do in my town apart from go to the local pool everyday and believe it or not, sunbathing in 35+ degree heat everyday gets boring!

What was I looking for?

  • Someone who could speak English
  • Someone to meet up with while visiting nearby towns
  • Someone who could tell me cool things to do in the area
  • Someone who could help me learn Spanish

What I found?

  • 95% of people were Spanish & couldn’t speak English
  • 4.9% could only speak very limited English
  • 0.01% Mr America

downloadSo, let me tell you about ‘Mr America’. Again, not my type, this time at all! BUT he spoke English and that’s what I was looking for. Turns out he lived in Madrid which was 3 hours away, sigh. Nonetheless, I had someone to talk to. He worked for the US Military and had pictures with Obama which gave us stuff to talk about other than how hard it is to make friends in Spain.

2000px-Bandera_de_Madrid.svgAfter a few days he randomly popped up and asked what I was doing at the weekend, I told him I was thinking of visiting a town near by from Friday – Sunday. He replied “Oh ok, I was going to say you should come to Madrid”. I explained that I had just started working and wouldn’t be paid until the end of the month but planned to visit Madrid once I had finished teaching. He offered to pay for my train ticket – I thought he was joking as who in their right mind would part with nearly £100 for someone they don’t know? He asked for my email address and within minuets there was a ticket with my name on it for the following weekend to Madrid.
Facebook_stalking_to_be_a_thing_of_the_pastSo now I’m thinking “Oh shit, this shit just got real!”, “what if he’s a catfish?” etc. Anyway, I done some social media stalking – as you do, and he seemed real so I decided to go while making it very clear that I was finding my own accommodation and wanted to sightsee.

I told my mum the situation and sent her all of my trip details, plus his telephone number, job description, name, picture with Obama and Facebook – which she “accidentally” added and was on my way!

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