Why A Broken Heart Will Be The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to You

Why A Broken Heart Will Be The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to You
For a long time you’ll feel like your heart is broken.

There’ll be a zig-zag of space right down the middle that their presence used to fill, a gap, a hole, but over time if you let it, this hole will eventually turn into a whole.

Don’t run away from it.

Let the pain break you, right down to your core and something funny will happen over time. What you once thought was a loss, actually turns out to be a blessing. It turns out to be so minor compared to what you eventually gain.

Use this hole, this space, this emptiness, to find yourself.

Just like when you dig a hole, you pour, plant or place something bigger, better, stronger and/or deeper in place of what was there before. Something with longevity, something you can be proud of, something that YOU worked for, for yourself, by yourself, something that is YOURS. And when you get there, when you feel whole, you’ll feel a whole new wave of emotions, joy, gratitude. Things you hadn’t felt in a long time or ever.

You’ll wonder why you ever felt like it was the end of the world and you’ll be grateful.

Grateful that you made it out to the other side, that you were forced to leave what wasn’t meant to be behind, that that hole, filled with nothing but sadness and space has now transformed into a whole and anyone who comes along won’t complete you but will now accompany you on this road called life.

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