How Spending 7 Weeks Abroad Changed Me

How Spending 7 Weeks Abroad Changed Me

Hunny, I’m homeee!

I’ve had the most AMAZEBALLS 7 weeks! – Well 4 ‘interesting’ weeks and 3 amazing ones.

Does it feel good to be home? Home, as in my house, with my mum and sister? Yes. To be back in rainy (it hasn’t stopped raining alllllll day) England where nothing has changed in the time that I’ve been away? No.

All in all, I’m not sad that I’m back, but I am desperately itching for my next trip!

I think it’s impossible to spend near enough all of your time alone for 7 weeks in unfamiliar places and not feel like a different person… Even if it’s just a little bit! I’ve learned so much about myself and my relationships with others and feel like I’ve gained a higher level of independence, humility and maturity.



When you’re so far removed from everything and everyone, you see things for what they really are, especially your ‘friendships’. People will surprise you with the amount of effort or lack of, that they make to keep in touch. You’ll learn that to some people, you become ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and that’s ok, because it gives you more time to spend on maintaining your relationships with those that really care in the limited time you have between having so much fun.

When I first told everyone that I was moving to Spain, for what was supposed to be over 2 months, EVERYONE vowed that they would come to visit and out of all of those people, only 2 came through and only 1 other actually tried.

I honestly didn’t expect anyone to stick to their word so it meant a lot when they did. I also wasn’t naive to the fact that people wanted to ‘visit me’ for free accommodation and a cheap holiday.

Personal growth

Like I said before, I’ve grown a lot in the last 7 weeks, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and environmentally. I am a much better person than I was when I left and hope to continue on this path of greatness.


I feel like I live in one of the most convenient countries in the world and I’ve never really appreciated this until now. I appreciate the fact that I am able to go and work in different countries, don’t need a paid visa for a lot of the world and the language is pretty much spoken everywhere, (or not as I found out in Spain) making it easier to get by. One thing I’ve noticed while being away is that a lot of other countries cater for us English speaking folk, but England are a lot less forgiving for those who don’t. I spent 4 weeks in a small town (some of my students even called it a village) where no one and I mean no one you came into day-to-day contact with, could speak English. It was tough and I now have a lot more empathy for those who come to England and can’t speak English.

All in all, I’m happy to be home. I’m happy to be reunited with my family and friends, my memory foam mattress, normal food (not tapas and jamon) and my hair dresser! Travelling solo / living abroad taught me so much and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done!

I’m excited to see how I will continue to grow and change going forward and also where life will take me!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Peace, Love & Light,


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  • Charmaine Griffin

    This is GREAT. I resonate so much with the friendship aspect. I learned a lot about the friends that I really thought were in my corner but at the same time it helped me appreciate the ones who have never left my side.

    I also understand about growth. One year in Korea has turned me into a completely different person. I can’t even remember the girl I was when I first arrive. There’s so much value in taking time away (one month, two, etc) to really spend time with you.

    Thanks for sharing!